The Right Team

Having been involved in a start-up as an engineer and having worked closely with start-ups as an IP attorney since 2006, I’ve come to realize there are four “pillars” that determine whether a startup will ultimately be successful: Capital, Idea, Team, and Timing.

Hashtags, Memes, and Emojis: The Landscape of #IP on Social Media

The internet and social media offer incredible marketing opportunities for businesses, but proceed with caution to avoid legal landmines! Here are a few tips for navigating potential IP issues with memes, hashtags, and emojis.

Is Your Startup Making These Mistakes With Your IP?

When new companies are moving forward with a product at a rapid pace, some of the last things on their minds are details like patents, inventorship, and other intellectual property matters.

Is a Trade Secret Right for You?

Coca-Cola has one. So does Kentucky Fried Chicken. And of course, there’s the one that Google has that determines what you’ll see in your search results.

Tips to Protect Your IP as a Small Business or Startup

If you’re a small business and you hear the words “you need an attorney”, you likely envision buckets of money flying out the window. However, protecting your intellectual property as a small business, startup, or pre-funded company doesn’t have to be difficult or insanely costly. 

Are You Overlooking the Importance of a Design Patent?

When we think of patents, many people think first of utility patents — the kind that protect the function of an invention. But there’s another type of patent that recently made news headlines that could be crucial to protecting your intellectual property.

Machines Are Inventing. What Does It Mean for the Future of IP?

I grew up thinking about how awesome it would be to hang out on the holodeck aboard the Starship Enterprise and how terrifying it would be to be relentlessly chased by a stone-cold Terminator. But back in the day, artificial intelligence (AI) was just the faraway stuff of dreams.

Should You Pass on a Patent?

Sometimes a patent does not make business sense. It’s a conversation I have frequently with potential and existing clients, and after a brief discussion, drawing attention to important issues they should consider, they often arrive at the conclusion that it’s not worth it.