Steve Gruber


Steve Gruber is a Partner with Neugeboren O’Dowd PC and is a patent attorney registered to practice before the United State Patent and Trademark Office and to practice law in Colorado.

Steve counsels clients of all sizes with an eye toward maximizing not just product coverage, but also the value of the company, even when this entails foregoing traditional patent protection and favoring trade secret strategies.  His portfolio strategy focuses on attracting investors, deterring knockoffs, and seizing market share.  Rather than formulaically filing a patent on every invention that a startup or growth entity presents, Steve analyzes each invention as well as the product, market, and business’s unique goal for each product, to develop a strategy for each invention that combines provisional applications, clearance and prior art searches, non-provisional applications, Track 1 prioritized examination, international protection, and trade secret protection.

Steve works with startups and in-house counsel to craft IP portfolios with an eye toward acquisition or investment opportunities as well as entering infringement negotiations with maximum leverage.  Given his M&A experience, Steve continually vets a portfolio while it grows, thus ensuring that red flags don’t arise, or are dealt with long before an acquiring entity performs due diligence.

He also provides detailed as well as cost-conscious freedom to operate, validity, infringement, and other types of opinions.

Before starting his patent practice, Steve designed, fabricated and tested self-aligning single photon detectors and pulsed fiber lasers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in Boulder.  With a Physics/Engineering background obtained at Dartmouth and CU Boulder (M.S. in EE), and a law degree from the University of Denver, Steve is well-versed in power electronics, electronic device physics, photovoltaic power systems and thermal transfer, wafer processing, plasma deposition, computer architecture, databases and “big data” processing, telecommunications, induction motors, phase change materials, medical devices, and business methods and software.

Steve is a mountaineer and former Division 1 golfer and team captain.



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