Someone Knocked Off My Product… Now What?

Someone knocked off your product. Congratulations! You have a successful product that’s selling — so much so that other people have taken the time to copy it. However, you’re now losing money that should be in your pocket.

The Politics of Intellectual Property

No matter your political party, just about everyone can agree that international IP protection is a problem that needs solving. The current administration is putting pressure on China that the country has never faced before.

Is It the Right Time to Switch IP Firms?

All lawyers may have an advanced degree behind their names, but lawyers and law firms aren’t one-size-fits-all. With any professional service — your accountant, your insurance company, your bank — you choose the service provider not only because it’s the right fit for your business needs, but also due to more subjective considerations such as your personality and values.

Almost Infamous: Separating Your Product From Defective Brands

In late 2015, Segway, maker of the famous two-wheeled, self-balancing scooter, sued a company called Swagway, then-producer of a motorized transporter called Hovertrax — aka, a hoverboard. Swagway’s hoverboards were reported to cause fires and injuries (which they were already being sued for). Compounding the negative coverage were the many problematic hoverboard knockoffs.

Design Arounds Could Be a Lifesaver for Your Next Product and Patent

A design around means developing your product with existing patents in mind and adding consumer value with new innovation. The starting point for this process is a patent search.