Strategic IP Counseling

From managing and administering a large global patent and trademark portfolio to counseling you through the diligence phase of an acquisition or financing, we can guide you through your global efforts to grow, leverage and defend your intellectual property. More than just filing a patent or trademark application, the firm offers a holistic approach to protecting these assets with a wide range of services and skills focused on helping clients formulate, develop, and implement all aspects of their domestic and foreign patent and trademark strategies. Our skill set and experience encompasses intellectual property enforcement, brand management, domain name maintenance & enforcement, counterfeit & fraud avoidance, trade secret protection & enforcement, and opinion letter preparation


Patent Protection and Procurement

Adequately protecting an emerging company’s intellectual property is crucial to its early success, funding, and growth. The firm offers a wide range of sophisticated patent and trademark services to a range of technologies and industries. We can help with the preparation, filing, prosecution, and all additional phases of domestic and foreign patent prosecution, design-around analysis, portfolio evaluation and development. Our attorneys and engineers continually mold our strategies to the changing legal and regulatory landscape, and have experience in many technologies and industries including electronics, financial systems, optics, semiconductors, telecommunications, software, medical devices, e-commerce, computer data storage, artificial intelligence, blockchain technologies, robotics, financial technologies, agricultural technologies, and many others.

Trademark Protection and Procurement

Our trademark and brand management practice focuses on assisting clients to evaluate the availability and freedom to use what is often their most valuable asset – their name. We prepare, file and maintain hundreds of trademark applications, partner with a vast array of international firms to help protect our client’s brands throughout the world and actively enforce those rights through inter partes proceedings at the USPTO and U.S. Courts. Subscription based legal services are often implemented here in order to have a constant function attending to these important and required enforcement responsibilities.


Trade Secret Processes and Procedure

A company’s “secret sauce” can be one of the most valuable components of an intellectual property portfolio, often impacting issues that intersect human resources and intellectual property. Determining whether and how to strike the balance between patent and trade secret protection is often overlooked during an evaluation of a company’s intellectual property portfolio and we regularly counsel clients on the appropriateness and implementation of both.


Technology Transactions

The firm provides guidance in the development, acquisition and commercialization of technology and intellectual property. We counsel our clients with respect to leveraging their intellectual property through licensing, collaborative research agreements, joint development agreements, employee confidentiality agreement and assignment issues, trade secret protection, internal procedures and exit events. We partner with many area law firms that specialize in corporate formation, financing and contract administration and often work alongside these firms and attorneys during the more substantial commercial events in a company’s lifecycle.

Patent Tips to protect against product copycats

General Counsel Services

The firm provides specialized outsourced services for the growing company that would benefit from a general counsel but does not have the resources or work load to justify one full time. Regular hours at the client’s facility may be scheduled with the goal of becoming a part of the company’s management team and offering office hours to inventors and product managers. A regular presence at the client’s site ensures a consistent and comfortable source of legal guidance for the entire company. Services include the management and responsibility for recurring day-to-day legal tasks, oversight of larger ongoing outside legal projects such as financing, mergers, litigation or patent and trademark prosecution efforts, ongoing legal training for company management and staff including issue awareness and the incorporation of best practices for legal risk management. Fixed monthly fees for these ongoing services often suit these companies best in order to have predictable legal expenses while allowing them to draw on a constant source of legal advice.


Anti-Counterfeiting and Fraud Avoidance

From brand monitoring and online marketplace investigations, we can help monitor and take down infringing or otherwise inappropriate goods that are impacting your ability to freely compete in the marketplace.  Customs and border patrol registration and enforcement as well as coordination with our network of associates around the world.



The firm has experience in all aspects of litigating complex intellectual property cases, general commercial litigation, pre-litigation counseling and dispute resolution. By maintaining relationships with regional and national law firms, and experienced trial lawyers throughout the country, the firm ensures that your case is staffed with the right professionals. Our litigation services address all aspects of a case, including initial case analysis and diligence, damages assessment, discovery, expert witness engagement and preparation, depositions, hearing and motion practice, and pre-trial procedure and trial.


Pro Bono Work and Community Involvement

We regularly provide pro bono services to non-profit community focused organizations and are always looking for opportunities to become involved in local charities where our skill sets or training may provide value.