Lawyers By Trade – Technologists at Heart

We are a team of legal professionals with a wealth of practical hands-on experience in the science, technology and engineering fields.  Backing our legal expertise, the firm has hands on experience in a wide range of industries and technologies including electronics, optics, semiconductors and semiconductor fabrication, telecommunications and wireless devices, pharmaceutical manufacturing equipment, software and open source issues, medical and diagnostic devices, e-commerce,  computer data storage, blockchain technologies, data analysis and processing, fin-tech, ag-tech, food and beverage, robotics, consumer and branded products, chemical sciences and outdoor gear and recreation. Meet our team.

Combining a solid technical background with ever-evolving and cutting-edge legal strategies allows the firm to implement effective IP programs for the emerging or established technology company and we have become skilled at rapidly on-boarding new technologies into our skill set.

A Global Practice

Our clients rely on us to give them counsel every day relating to international patent and trademark issues, cross-border agreements, and international trade. Our expansive network of foreign associates give us access to this type of legal advice on a moment’s notice and in countries throughout the world.  We regularly assist clients with their intellectual property in Europe, Asia and APAC countries, South America, and the Middle East.

A Collaborative Attitude

Our practice is specialized, and we know where our skill set ends.  When clients need other specialized services, we tap into our network of local and international attorneys that specialize in related or overlapping issues.  We regularly work with colleagues that specialize in issues such as corporate and business law, venture capital, private equity and securities, mergers and acquisitions, complex commercial transactions, international trade, and import and export law to name a few.