Protecting IP in the Food & Beverage Industry

You might be surprised to learn that you might not really need a patent in the food and beverage industry. In fact, depending on the type of product you are pursuing, patent protection may not even be viable.

DIY Prior Art Search? Yeah, You Can Do That.

In many cases, IP collaborations take place out of necessity. Oftentimes, various firms work together to overcome hurdles of building prototypes and getting a project into production.

Can You Patent Faulty IP? Theranos Did, and It Made Them Rich.

The Theranos scandal made headlines last year. It gained a spot in nearly every respected publication, from podcasts to its own documentary. If you’ve somehow missed all the hoopla, here are the basics.

Selling Your Company? The Exit Strategy That Doesn’t Involve Giving Up Your IP Rights

Determining how best to monetize your intellectual property should take into account the IP owner’s desired goals and future plans. Before deciding on an exit strategy, understand the nature of the technology, the patent landscape, and the path towards continued success.