China Seeks Patent on US COVID-19 Drug

Gilead's vaccine against the Ebola virus, Remdesivir, is proving effective in combating COVID-19, according to news reports and clinical trials.

3 Famous IP Disputes You’ve Probably Never Heard Of (But Probably Should Have)

What's famous to an IP attorney might not be well-known to the general public. There are cases that we are familiar with because they serve as great examples or set wide-ranging precedents for the rights of IP holders. 

Here are three famous cases we think you should know about. 

Lessons from the Tank: What Shark Tank Can Teach You About IP Protection

It was the kind of public exposure that most entrepreneurs can only dream of. First, Emma Cohen's company, Final Straw, took off on Kickstarter, ultimately raising $1.6 million on the crowdfunding site. Then, she landed a coveted chance to present her reusable, collapsible straw on ABC's Shark Tank. Two groups of impressed Sharks made her an offer. 

That's when things started to go wrong. Very wrong.

Can You Own A Meme?

In what has been dubbed the "ultimate boomer power move," Fox has filed a trademark application for the phrase, OK, Boomer. Their filing lays out Fox's intent to use the phrase with a reality, comedy, or game show.

Living a White Collar Quarantine? – Pay it Forward!

Last week the New York Times published a piece titled “White Collar Quarantine” that struck me as something many in Boulder are experiencing, myself included.