Tiffany-style ring

Back in the Fighting Ring: Tiffany & Co. vs. Costco

Have you ever seen a Labor Day sale at Tiffany & Co.? They don’t send coupon codes to my email, that’s for sure. So, imagine the surprise when they started selling their rings at Costco. 

No Smoking Gun Required – Lost Profits More Broadly Available for Trademark Infringement

Recovering a trademark owner’s lost profits due to infringement has always been difficult.

Is it Time to Stop Litigating Obsolete Technology? TiVo vs. Comcast

After a four-year battle against Comcast Corp., DVR tech creator TiVo Corp. won an appeals court ruling on one of its patents in March 2020. This win may help in its ongoing fight over two more patent royalties. But is DVR technology, which is rapidly becoming obsolete, really worth fighting for?

Is Embedding Content Copyright Infringement? Mashable vs. Creators Everywhere

Mashable is back in court, battling a copyright law case that began in 2016.