Is it Time to Stop Litigating Obsolete Technology? TiVo vs. Comcast

After a four-year battle against Comcast Corp., DVR tech creator TiVo Corp. won an appeals court ruling on one of its patents in March 2020. This win may help in its ongoing fight over two more patent royalties. But is DVR technology, which is rapidly becoming obsolete, really worth fighting for?

The Clash of the Patent Ogres: Intel and Apple vs Fortress

Small tech businesses have had a tough time making patent infringement cases against billion-dollar tech giants, such as Apple, and Intel, that can outspend, outsue, and outlast any small company. Conversely, those tech giants have no problem suing small companies into oblivion (even when they are the ones in the wrong!) But, now they are losing. Find out why.

From Network Engineer to Intellectual Property Attorney: Shane Percival

Shane Percival is a sought-after patent lawyer. Read about his journey from software engineering to intellectual property.

How Patent Laws Affect the Race to Find a Coronavirus Cure

Will the US government be able to take patent rights away when the Coronavirus cure is discovered? What happens if the vaccine is overpriced?

Fortress Investment Group: Bad Actor, Bad Timing, or Both?

Fortress Investment Group, a patent aggregator/investment firm, owns patents allegedly infringed by bioMérieux SA (among others) over the previous six years. In a lawsuit filed on March 9, 2020, Fortress, though its wholly-owned entity Labrador Diagnostics, is claiming bioMériux’s testing process is infringing U.S. Patents.

New Injunction Policy Boosts Power Of Essential Patents

In mid-December 2019, a policy statement was issued by the USPTO, NIST, and DOJ to clearly state injunctive relief (among other remedies) is available to holders of standard-essential patents (SEPs.)

China Seeks Patent on US COVID-19 Drug

Gilead's vaccine against the Ebola virus, Remdesivir, is proving effective in combating COVID-19, according to news reports and clinical trials.

Wells Fargo Was Ordered To Pay USAA $200 Million But They Might Only Be The First Of Many

This fall, a jury ordered Wells Fargo to pay USAA $200 million for infringing on patents relating to mobile image capture technology. Judging by even more recent "Wells Fargo must pay a fine" news, their patent issues may be the least of their concerns, but it will not likely be the end of the story here.