Neil Young versus the Trump Campaign — Maybe not a Heart of Gold

Neil Young has sued the Trump Campaign for copyright infringement, over one rally. Could lead to a $65 billion dollar problem for Trump.

Is Embedding Content Copyright Infringement? Mashable vs. Creators Everywhere

Mashable is back in court, battling a copyright law case that began in 2016.

Stealing or Buying a Stairway to Heaven? All That Glitters Is Not Gold

Spirit brought a copyright infringement case against Led Zeppelin that claimed the opening lead lines of Stairway to Heaven were lifted from its song Taurus. Find out why laws from 1903 had to be used, what happened in the case, and more.

Katy Perry Escapes Dark Horse Copyright Verdict

I am unashamed to admit that Katy Perry is, without a doubt, my favorite pop singer. I don’t really know why. 

Google v. Oracle Case

Java is a programming language initially developed by Sun Microsystems and later purchased by Oracle, and is at the center of a decade-long lawsuit between Google and Oracle that some say will have far-reaching consequences for the future of software innovation.

TikTok, TickTock – Can You Claim Copyright on a Dance Move?

TikTok has given everyone a creative platform to share their video content publicly, whether that be a dance, a funny cat video, or a joke.

Taylor Swift, Big Machine and Audible: The Battle over Copyright Control

It's an intriguing tale that has garnered a tremendous amount of public attention. A beloved young singer named Taylor Swift is in an epic battle to wrest control of her music back from the intriguingly named Big Machine, now owned by the famed manager, Scooter Braun. 

Eminem, Meet the Supreme Court of the United States

Eminem Sues Spotify!  At least that’s what one might take away from headlines regarding a copyright case that could find its way to the Supreme Court next year.