Protecting Trade Secrets: Best Practices for Remote Workers

With COVID-19 driving the growth of remote workforces, companies and remote workers need to take reasonable measures to protect their trade secrets. Find out how.

Back in the Fighting Ring: Tiffany & Co. vs. Costco

Have you ever seen a Labor Day sale at Tiffany & Co.? They don’t send coupon codes to my email, that’s for sure. So, imagine the surprise when they started selling their rings at Costco. 

No Smoking Gun Required – Lost Profits More Broadly Available for Trademark Infringement

Recovering a trademark owner’s lost profits due to infringement has always been difficult.

USPTO Updates Trademark Filing Requirements – But Will Spam Stop?

When you file a trademark application, you can expect to be contacted, via regular U.S. mail, by scammers. Trademark owners often receive letters in the mail from companies with very similar names as the U.S. Trademark Office, for example, the United States Trademark Company. But with the new change in the filing law, made in February 2020, will this cease to happen?

Trademarking College Athletes: Making Money While Bowling in College

A historic rule change by the National College Athletic Association (NCAA) will create a brand-new playing field for student-athletes by giving them control over the profits they generate.  

Beyoncé, Blue Ivy, and the Kardashians: The (Big) Business of Trademarks

Celebrity trademark registration is big business. Just ask the Kardashian family, who between them own nearly 700 marks for everything from children’s clothing, to cosmetics, to jewelry.

What Tom Brady, LeBron James & Ohio State University Can Teach You About Advanced Trademark Laws

Big names in the sports world have recently come under scrutiny for their trademark applications. In all these cases, the applications have been rejected.