TikTok, TickTock – Can You Claim Copyright on a Dance Move?

TikTok has given everyone a creative platform to share their video content publicly, whether that be a dance, a funny cat video, or a joke.

Protecting IP in the Food & Beverage Industry

You might be surprised to learn that you might not really need a patent in the food and beverage industry. In fact, depending on the type of product you are pursuing, patent protection may not even be viable.

Yes, You Need a Registered Copyright

If you wish to prevent others from using copyright-able subject matter in the future — from artistic endeavors to software — you must have a registration certificate from the U.S. Copyright Office before you can file a suit. It’s no longer enough to simply have the application on file.

Patent Tips to protect against product copycats

Worried About Product Copycats? 5 Patent Tips to Get Ahead of the Fast Followers

When your idea is really, really good, it’s almost inevitable that someone is going to copy it. Retroactive legal action is difficult and expensive, so follow these patent tips to get ahead of product copycats, knockoffs, and fast followers.

Someone Knocked Off My Product… Now What?

Someone knocked off your product. Congratulations! You have a successful product that’s selling — so much so that other people have taken the time to copy it. However, you’re now losing money that should be in your pocket.