Is Your Startup Making These Mistakes With Your IP?

When new companies are moving forward with a product at a rapid pace, some of the last things on their minds are details like patents, inventorship, and other intellectual property matters.

5 Common Issues With DIY Trademarking

On its surface, the trademark application filing process is relatively uncomplicated. The trademark office offers an online form for preparing and filing your trademark application and it’s simple and easy to use. All you need are basic computer skills and — voila! — you have a trademark application on file. If it’s all so simple, why does our firm see so many issues?

What Lawyers and Clients Need to Know About the Use of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence as it is starting to be employed is certainly new technology. You have to be aware that it is essentially the proverbial “robot” doing stuff, not a person. There are going to be glitches. But, in one sense, we have always had automated systems doing “stuff” for us so it is not unexpected that these systems are making their way into the legal industry.